Why Switch

Internet as reliable as your light switch.

Holland Board of Public Works provides a better, faster, more affordable choice for internet access with award-winning reliability and locally-based customer service.

Your Community, Your Fiber.

Hudsonville and Holland Board of Public Works are partnering to bring a West Michigan-based solution for high speed internet. That means competitive pricing for a reliable service from organizations you trust.

Experience Speed like Never Before

Up to 10x Faster than the average 100mbps internet connection. Stream and download all you want,and upload at the same speeds.

Better Customer Service

With responsiveness, caring support and a local team, we break the mold of traditional broadband customer service.

Your Competitive Advantage

A world-class fiber infrastructure creates an advantage for your growing business to compete globally and attract high quality talent.

What service is right for me?

Shared Gigabit

$85/ Mo
Let's Go
  • All the bandwidth you need
  • Free standard installation*
  • *Available to Downtown Community

Enhanced Shared Gigabit

$220/ Mo
Let's Go
  • All the bandwidth you need and more
  • Static IP
  • Priority Service
  • Free standard installation*
  • *Available to the Downtown Community

Think HBPW Broadband Services is a good fit for you?